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Fashion week is the time to meet new designers and models. On February 11,2023, URBANFASHIONEXCHANGE GAVE THE WORLD A POLYCHROMATION FASHION SHOW. It was well put together once the show started to the end. The designers' pieces were amazing and the crowd understood the assignment. They loved every moment of it. I love a fashion show that knows what they want and the version they want to put out there to the world. Let's not forget the team that made this fashion show runs so smoothly and got the models walking like professionals.

More information about the fashion show


The moment has arrive and the show as BEGUN. I am going to now just put in the details in the order the show went. ♥ Which means I am going to stop talking until the end.


INTRO WALK- The first collection walk is an introduction of the models. Models were in groups to craft and styled their own individual looks by their own personalities under the theme "POLYCHROMATIC" fashion.


1st Designer : Leanora's Couture

This brand is for all occasions. Leanora's Couture is a custom designer, so if you have a piece in mind and ou want it hand sewn check her out.


2nd Designer : Foreign Labur

Urban and stylish is what this brand showcase. Walk the street in style and look like a Boss and a bad ass doing it.


Performance- Musician- Connell Thompson


3rd and Grand Finale Designer : Mooncandy Supply Co

This designer didn't come here to play. Gave us color and style of all types. Get out your comfort zone and explore this brand.


The night was amazing ♥ It ended very nicely and the designers did their thing. The models did what they had to do on the runway. I can't wait to see more in the future. Fashion is a way to express yourself. Fashion shows is a way to showcase those pieces. Those models killed it and slay every piece they wore.

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